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What’s a woman to do when a cock, no matter how big it may be, no longer does the trick. These horny ladies have found their cure in household appliances, jars, bottles and vegetables big enough to satisfy their enormous appetites. You won’t believe your eyes when you see these twisted pussy insertions. There’s women stuffing champagne bottles into their twats upside down and violating their insides with cucumbers on steroids, and that’s just a fragment of the whole sick story. After their nasty sessions pussies are left gaping wider than while giving birth. I know many nasty ladies that insterting awesome things into their pussies on xxx cam.

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Pussy insertions with strange objects are dream of many kinky babes. They are mostly mature experienced wives who tried almost everything and they are now searching for some alternative ways of having sex, but there also young babes who are still exploring their sexuality and the limits of their own bodies. No matter which of these two cases we observe they are both based on a same thing. So, we can see inside these galleries some extreme fun with huge and strange objects stuck deep in the gapping body cavities of hot babes.

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This young slut has no idea what she’s in for when she agrees to go through the slave training, getting stripped naked in the dark and cold basement by her harsh master. She gets gagged and strapped to a wooden pole while being forced to balance the other leg in a painful position, but her torture is yet to start…Get ready to see some brutal pussy insertions and her cunt made into a gaping hole by a whole collection of giant dildos and her master’s fat cock until she can’t feel a thing!

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Sometimes it takes more than a horny guy to please a girl, and these insatiable sex addicts would make anyone give up in the attempt to give them what they want. Luckily there’s our collection of fucking machines that never get tired or limp, so the bitches finally get all the pussy drilling they need to get off! Watch the craziest pussy insertions with huge dildos and fake cocks, and these wild sluts that ride on those things like cowgirls, enjoying hardcore pussy stretching and begging for more until they start squirting like sprinklers!

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As long as they are getting their fuck holes rammed with long sex toys, these chicks are happy. No matter if the dildo is black, pink or blue, that is making their nipples rock hard and ready for some twisting and squeezing like never before. You have to see them while they are playing some of their favorite pussy insertions games in which the only goal is to reach a strong orgasm and squirt all over the place if that is possible and in most of the cases they leave a wet proof of love. Insertions can be watched not just in sex movies, you can try to enjoy live pussy insertion with NikkiBender and she will show you how that looks when there is no producers and cameras, just you and girl.


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This amazing torture room had a new guest today, a horny young brunette that was about to receive her punishment. She got tied up and placed on cold metal pipes, and got warmed up with some pussy insertions. A huge black dildo was shoved into her tight pussy, and while she was screaming, she had to take it all deep inside her. Her nipples were pinned with clothespins and then she was hung on a rope and shocked until her nipples were burning red, but that was just the start….

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You haven’t seen hardcore until you get an eyeful of this brand new bondage scene, the girl didn’t just get introduced to rough ropes and whipping, she got intimate with all kinds of pussy insertions, from vibrating eggs that her ass was filled with to a dildo drill that went on and on fucking her hardcore style until she passed out from pleasure, it’s hardcore BDSM on these pages, and it’s just one of many dirty BDSM scenes you can see on these pages.

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